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Wild Swimming – Coast

24th May 2012

Wild Swimming Coast

A few years ago I published a review of Wild Swimming. It was a breath of fresh air, a book packed with beautifully photographed wild swimming spots all over the British Isles. The thing was, it didn’t include any coastal spots. Whereas most guidebook publishers divide the UK up by regions, author of Wild Swimming Daniel Start, has clearly chosen a different method, one that clearly differentiates between the very different swimming experiences inland and in the sea.

Wild Swimming Coast is in every way as good a book as the first volume, listing a whole range of spots around the coast of the UK. Unfortunately there are no Northern Ireland spots covered (which leads me to think that he perhaps has Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland lined up for a future volume). The pictures are as lovely as ever, and Daniel has clearly done a lot of travelling around researching the venues (he’s obviously got a knack for following the weather as it seems that the British coast is a perpetually sunny place in his book!. As you would expect there is a section towards the start of the book detailing the dangers of wild swimming, and in particular pointing out the dangers of tides and currents, not something that is usually quite such an issue in the majority of inland spots.

The book retails at £14.95 and is worth every single penny.

I also recently reviewed his latest book, Wild Swimming – France here.