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Alpkit Numo Sleeping Mattress

27th Nov 2015

Retailing at £35 this inflatable sleeping mattress from Alpkit epitomizes the company's approach to outdoor kit. It weighs 454g and at 180cm is long enough for most adults. It's the last of four different lightweight mattresses we have collected for family trips where going light weight is of paramount importance. Though it's the cheapest it's comparable in virtually every way with the others, and even has some features which make it stand out. In particular I like the extra fat side tubes that run the length of the mattress acting as a kind of side guard to stop you rolling off the mat whilst at the same time offering comfort. It's tapered at the both ends meaning a reduction in weight without compromising on comfort. It comes with a decent sized stuff sack so no major efforts in the morning when packing your stuff up. The valve works fine. It doesn't contain any insulation properties other than the air pocket between top and bottom so wouldn't be my first choice if on ice or properly cold temperatures, but all in all a hard to beat mattress for most camping situations. 

Alpkit Numo 2

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