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Top: Sprayway Torino Zipped

31st Jul 2009

My immediate reaction to the Sprayway Torino zipped top was how light it was. There’s a helluva lot of performance packed into 200grams. The bamboo material is soft on the skin and not at all restrictive. Comfort is also added to by the lack of internal labels and by the comfy hems. The top’s wicking ability is great, and the material doesn’t hold odour (up to a point!).


Sprayway Torino Zipped Top

I have worn this top as everyday wear and it seems to withstand a lot of use, although the design is very simple and looks more appropriate for sport. I have been out running in it in wind, rain and sun (don’t you just love British weather!) and arrived home in a top that is dry and didn’t look or smell very different from when I left. As a base layer it works very well also. So really I don’t have much to say against the Torino zipped top and plenty for it as a good top for a base layer or to throw on when you are going for some sweaty exercise.


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