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Vaude Kids Snow Cup Gloves 19th Mar 2018 Kids Snow Cup Gloves - VAUDE

For years my kids had complained of snow getting between the end of their jacket and the end of their gloves, so when it came time to get some new gloves I decided to find a pair that would...

VauDe Bormio Gloves 18th Mar 2018 VAUDE Bormio Gloves

Whilst I've had ski and mountaineering gloves with an extra long cuff in the past I've never had a pair of light weight gloves which go much beyond my wrist. The Bormio I have in an extra large...

Snip20161202 1 7th Dec 2016 Polaris Blitz Gloves

Wednesday's Polaris Bikewear reviews comes on the heels of the Cadence Bib Tights (Monday) and the RBS Overshoe (Tue).  Today it’s the turn of the Tornado Blitz Winter Cycling Gloves.   ...

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