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Guidebook: Lancashire Rock

8th Oct 2006

The previous Lancashire Rock guide made a bit of a stir when it was first published. Unfortunately because it was one of the biggest, fattest guidebooks ever produced and nobody could be bothered to lug it to the crag! Fortunately this one is significant improvement, though it still stretches to over 500 pages. The main reason for the reduction in size is the removal of Standedge and Whitbarrow / Furness, two significant sections that were included in the previous version because there was no imminent plans for a Chew Valley guide where they rightly belong.

It is a BMC guidebook put together by a team of volunteers in the tried and tested manner. Where other similar definitive guides have failed to inspire, with poor photo and topo reproduction and unimaginative route descriptions this one scores well. Throughout are well printed and interesting photos, and detailed pencil-drawn topos (of which there could be a few more). Whilst on the subject of the pencil drawings there is a note at the beginning explaining that a limited edition prints of a couple of the more popular ones (Grey & Red Walls at Wilton 1, and Left Wall at Anglezark) are both available to buy, all profits going to the Lancashire Climbing.

Crags covered:
Craig y Longridge
Cow's Mouth
The Warton Crags
Lester Mill
Fairy Steps
Hutton Roof
and others...
3,200 routes from VDiff to E8


Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear