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Reviews - May 2006

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31st May 2006 Softshell: The North Face Zeitgeist

  Softshells: some people hate 'em, some love 'em. I recently had a fairly heated discussion with a friend who maintained that they are a pointless garment and a superb marketing con. I on the...

25th May 2006 Book: Karl Bushby Giant Steps

Giant Steps by Karl Bushby My prediction, after reading this book, is that by the time he arrives home in Hull some time in 2011 Karl Bushby will be one of the most famous explorers / adventurers...

22nd May 2006 Intect Repellent: Zaptag

Zaptag In a nutshell the Zaptag is a waterproof 256Mb USB flash drive with a piece of custom written software on it for storing medical records whilst travelling. I was impressed by the idea, but...

21st May 2006 Shorts: Prana Mojo

Fact: Prana make nice looking clothes. Question: Do Prana make nice looking clothes that perform well? Answer: If these Mojo shorts are representative of the performance / technical range - yes...

17th May 2006 Approach Shoes: The North Face Hedgehogs

I'm fairly picky about names. I quite like kit that has a good name, and the Hedgehogs certainly don't disappoint on that front. Not quite sure why Hedgehog - they're not spiky and they don't roll...

17th May 2006 Belay Device: Faders SUM

WARNING: SEE THIS ARTICLE ON THE DANGERS OF USING A FADERS SUM FOR SELF-BELAYING   I've been an avid Gri Gri user for many years so I was quite open to the idea of testing a new auto-locking...

12th May 2006 Nuts: Metolius Anodised Curved Nuts

Metolius Anodised Curved Nuts I recently read a few articles in Andy Kirkpatrick’s Climb Magazine supplement, Cockaholic. I was surprised to read of people writing so vehemently about their most...

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