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Ski Trousers: TNF Freedom Insulated Pant

23rd Nov 2005

For years I had quite possibly the most horrible purple and green all-in-one ski suit that has ever graced the planet. It would live in the cupboard and come out from time to time when we went sledging, or made a trip to the French Alps. I became rather blinkered to its gaudy nature, and ignored the snide comments from friends. Then I got a pair of these trousers from TNF and immediately binned the horrific oversized baby-grow. They are excellent. Why? Because they do what they are designed to do: keep you warm and dry whilst taking part in an energetic activity that requires a wide range of movement.

They weigh 765g, a fair amount for a pair of trousers, but this simply serves to reassure you that they are warm and durable! So what are the notable features that set them apart from my old all-in-one? The elasticated waist is pretty adjustable, with decent quality Velcro fastening tabs at each side. It also includes some wide belt loops should you want a snugger fit. The two main hand pockets are lined with fleece and zipped, and there is an easy access Velcro cargo pocket on the right thigh.

The ankle cuffs are highly elasticated and feature a series of rubberised rings which both help keep the trousers attached to your ski boots for longer. Of course the cuffs are wide enough to fit a ski boot without any problem. The inner side of the cuff is reinforced so that your boots don’t destroy your trousers on those tight parallel turns! I would have liked to see some extra reinforcement around the bum area too as all of my trousers end their days with holes there. There is a long, zipped side vent on the outside of each leg for hot days. The material is waterproof and breathable. In fact The North Face guarantees you cannot find a more waterproof/breathable technology anywhere for this price (check out the ‘Learn More’ link on their website to read about the fabrics used to make the trousers.

They retail at £120 providing an affordable, if a little luxurious item for your ski holiday.

Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear