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Sea To Summit X-Pot 4l 21st Jun 2017 Sea To Summit X-Pot 4l

On our honeymoon in India many years ago my wife and I spent a memorable couple of hours in a hot and dusty market somewhere in Rajasthan buying a set of aluminium cooking pots which we have...

Landar Stove Alpkit 13th Jun 2017 Landar Camping Stove - Alpkit

We headed to Scotland for half term, a large group of is with plans to cook together. Last year's trip had seen a vital component of our main stove forgotten at home so we had to make do with a...

Alpkit Brukit 13th Oct 2015 Alpkit Brukit Stove & Billy System

Alpkit Brukit Review I already own a number of stoves so felt a little indulgent getting this one, but a) it's inexpensive, and b) it fills a very useful gap. Retailing at £35 for both the...

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