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Reviews - July 2015

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P7180163 29th Jul 2015 Petzl Kids Macchu and Body Harness

I've written a few reviews recently on kids kit and the importance of putting them in the right sized stuff. Arguably it's never more important than clmbing harnesses as there's a genuine safety...

Osprey Jet 18 23rd Jul 2015 Osprey Jet 18 Kids Rucksack

There comes a time in a kids' life when he or she needs to start carrying their own kit when out walking and camping. Personally I've been keen not to start this too early, preferring instead, to...

rapha climbers-bundle 2 22nd Jul 2015 Rapha Pro Climbing Team Set

I only really started cycling a couple of years ago and have managed until now with fairly low spec kit from the likes of Lidl and Aldi. It was with a great deal of interest then that I rode the...

Five Ten Tennies 21st Jul 2015 Five Ten Tennie Approach Shoe

I was 13 in 1985. It was a formative time for me. Lots of fairly major things in my life happened around that time, but sadly my parents didn't buy me a pair of the world's first approach shoes,...

Edelrid Kids Shielf II Helmet 20th Jul 2015 Edelrid Kids Sheild II Helmet

Getting kids to wear helmets when climbing is clearly super-important. It surprises me that there is not a broad range of helmets out there vying for the attention of younger generation climbers....

Rab 4-6 Bothy 15th Jul 2015 Rab 406 Person Bothy (Group Shelter)

Rab Goup Shelter (Bothy) 4-6 Writing a review for a bothy was always going to be a bit of a weird one, as generally it's a piece of kit that you'll hopefully rarely use. However, whilst this is...

Camaro Uto Pulsor 7th Jul 2015 Camaro Uto Pulsor Swim Run Wetsuit

It's an interesting moment when a development of equipment opens up an entire new sport. Of course there's nothing new about combining running and swimming - in fact on a trip to Denmark last...

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