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Climbing Ropes - Edelrid Apus Pro Dry 7.9 60m

26th Sep 2017

Climbing with new ropes is a great feeling. One of security I guess. When I started out climbing a half rope was usually 9mm, with full ropes coming in at 10mm+. Obviously technology has resulted in these measurements coming down. Significantly. These Apus Pro Dry ropes come in at a mere 7.9mm - it was actually possible to go smaller still, but I opted for something which would hopefully last a little longer. Having been climbing with these for most of a summer they still look and feel as new, giving a little extra confidence when needed.
Weighing 44g per metre, my 60m ropes come in at 2.64kg each. 60m means they are long enough that one will do for many of my local gritstone crags which are under 30m, but is long enough for all but the meatiest of trad pitches in the mountains of North Wales or the Lakes. They come in 40, 50, 60 and 70 metre variants. It might seem like weight is a big deal to me, but given that I am now walking into the crag with kit for two boys as well as myself, often a bouldering mat too, then you'll understand why!

Edelrid Apus Pro Dry 2

Plenty long enough for Embankment Wall at Millstone.
The Pro Dry and Thermo Shield treatments the ropes have had are so far repelling any dirt and mean that handling is silky. Looking at some of my older ropes I guess in the end these will go the same way, but for now they are awesome.
One added bonus of their lightness and handling means I'm able to start teaching my boys to coil them!

Edelrid Apus Pro Dry
They come in two colours - Oasis (green) and Icemint (blue) - easily distinguishable words when shouting in a high wind.
More info on the Edelrid website.
If you are interested in a lighter rope, then check out the Skimmer, which at 7.1mm, and 36g per metre is touted as the smallest and lightest half rope available.