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Cooking Pans: Vango No Stick Cook Kit

24th Mar 2009

It’s a shame that nobody has yet invented a non-stick surface that is long lasting. Non-stick camping pans are the way forward when washing up in cold rivers or even the sea. A quick squirt of washing up liquid and a rinse in cold water and they are good to go again. Alas the non-stick surface starts to degrade and you are then faced with the dilemma of whether or not to scrub at it with a brillo pad or some sand from the river bottom, removing the burned on food, but at the same time taking off the remainder of the coating…

These pans from Vango are a basic set of non-stick, stacking billies, with a frying pan which acts as a lid to the nested set. They don’t claim to be long lasting, but are inexpensive enough to encourage you to renew your set every few years once the coating starts to wear out. Each pan has a pair of folding curved handles meaning that you don’t need a pan grip, there by increasing their life considerably by not wearing away the coating where the grip would touch. It makes them marginally heavier, but not enough to worry about unless you are on a mountain marathon or equivalent.


A decent set of camping pans.

Here's their spec:

If something to eat is on the agenda, Vango’s popular Non-Stick Cook Kits are ideal, providing years of use with little maintenance as a result of their robust non-stick body. Available for one (SRP £13.00), two (SRP £16.00), three (SRP £19.00) or four (SRP £22.00) people, each set includes a frying pan, 2 pots and 1 - 4 mugs with the sizes dependant on the chosen kit. If storage is an issue there is no need to worry as the kits are supplied in a carry bag and each piece nestles into the other and comes with foldaway integral handles.


Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear