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Sleeping Bag: RAB Quantum 400

22nd Feb 2010

As lightweight sleeping bags go I reckon you'd be hard pushed to find a better bag. With just 400 grams of fill weight it has kept me warm every time I've used it.  Both the inner and outer are made from Pertex Quantum material, which feels less cold to the touch than bags of old, and has proved to be very effective against snagging and abrasion to date.  It has double draw-string closure, one around the neck, and another to snuggle things up nicely around your face on cold nights. The toggles are easy to use, but lightweight at the same time. Unlike some lightweight bags the zip is chunky enough that it will still be usable a few years down the line, but not so heavy as to add unnecessary weight to the thing. The zip is full-length meaning that on warm nights you can use it more like a duvet. It also has a tag on which to write your name and address in case you lose it which is a nice touch. Retailing at £225 this is a nice light-weight bit of kit that should suffice for most British camping as long as it's not snowing!




Manufacturers Information:

Quantum bags are designed to be the lightest for today's weight conscious adventurers. Use of Pertex Quantum fabric and 750+ fill power down ensures the optimum warmth to weight ratio, in efficient designs to meet the needs of backpackers, Alpine climbers, ski and cycle tourers.
Fabric: Pure white goose down with a fill power of 750+EU/850+US, Pertex Quantum

General Specifications:

Packsize: 25 x 15cm
Weight: 900g
Comfort: -3c
Dimensions: 215 x 75cm
Weight: 900g