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Sleeping Mat: Multimat ? Summit 25 / 38

19th Mar 2009

Reviewing a sleeping mat is pretty tricky so let’s start with the vital statistics: When inflated it is 1830x510x38mm, and when packed it is 270x150. It weighs 815g and costs £70. What’s special about this Multimat model? Well, for starters it is pretty light weight. It is self inflating meaning that you simply roll it out, undo the valve and leave it a while whilst the cells inside expand sucking in air. Close the valve off before weighting it and you’re done. In reality it always requires a few puffs of air to top it up, something which is easily done as the valve has been designed for fast flow meaning shorter puffs. It’s main defining features are the fact that it is wedge shaped – wider at the shoulders and narrower at the feet – meaning significant weight-gains, and it has a thicker section underneath the torso providing extra warmth where it is most needed. My favourite feature is the pack which, as well as being plenty big enough to put the rolled mat into, is fleece-lined. Turn it inside out, fill it with your clothes, and you have a very comfortable pillow! It comes with a repair patch and glue. In terms of comfort it’s second to none compared with equivalent thickness models, and I have never felt the slightest bit cold whilst sleeping on it – it’s used by the Royal Marines in the Arctic and Antarctic! A full thumbs up, and pretty affordable too.

Multimat Summit

 Multimat Summit Multimat Summit 2

Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear