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LED Lenser NEO Headtorch

30th Jun 2015

This isn't a torch to run or cycle with, but it's one I often take running and cycling, as well as camping, and most other occasions when I know a torch is going to come in handy. Why? Because it's super light weight and compact. When running and cycling at night I now carry a spare having been caught out with malfunctioning brighter lights, and failing batteries in the past. This fits the bill perfectly. I may not be able to set any new Strava records barreling down through the woods, but it's plenty bright enough to get me home safely. Having said that it's not bright enough to run by, it still has a 90 lumens bulb in it which throws out a really nice, bright, wide beam. The head unit itself it miniscule, with a small, in-set push button to turn it on and off. It rarely, if ever, turns itself on in a bag. It has a couple of brightness settings which are accessed by multi-presiding the button. It also has a blinking, red light on the back to make you visible from behind - super useful function on the roads and something which really ought to be standard on all head torches. The battery pack sits on the back of the strap and takes three AA batteries. It's bigger than the head unit, but not overly so. Because of its light weight (54g without batteries) the torch sits comfortably on your head with no top strap which further lightness the load and increases the practicality of the thing. Battery life is impressive. They will run for between 10 and 40 hours depending on the brightness setting. Best of all is the cost. It's available from numerous websites at around the £20 mark which makes this something of a bargain and definitely something you won't mind lent ting the kids use!

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