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Walks & Treks In The Maritime Alps

31st Jan 2018

Another pocket sized guide from Cicerone who have definitely cornered the market when it comes to continental Europe. This guide features 220 pages (that's 18 walks of between 6km and 20km as well as 6 longer treks) on the Maritime Alps, or more specifically, The Mercantour and Alpi Marittime Parks.
If you're not aware of this gem of an area, then look it up. It's nestled between the main Alps massif and the sea, right on the French-Italian border. It gets decent weather and few crowds, yet packs a punch in many areas.

Author Gillian Price is an ex-pat Brit who has lived in Australia, and now resides in Italy. She has written a raft of guides, mainly on Italy, for Cicerone.
The guide itself is standard fare from Cicerone: basic topos as opposed to detailed maps, but with detailed descriptions of the walks themselves. There's a summary section at the start of each walk, with distance, difficulty, ascent etc, but sadly no synopsis of the walk to whet your appetite whilst browsing the book. Photos are plentiful and informative, but rarely outstanding, though that's in part due to the portable nature of the book and its resulting diminutive size.
If you are headed to this part of the world then it's a very handy addition to your library and ought to be considered.

More info on the cicerone website.