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Fleece: TNF Windwall Men's

2nd Feb 2006

The jacket was quite light for a windstopper, and the material had a slight ‘rigidity’ to its structure. The jacket felt slightly restrictive for the first few minutes (around the house) and very slightly ‘rough’ against T-shirted bare skin, but I quickly got used to it. Personally, the pockets were too high and the jacket too short in the body for me yet the arms were a good length. Whilst wearing a sit harness the pockets and shape were good.

It took me a few aborted attempts to close the zip, before I realised the zipper is on the wrong side (I had assumed all zips were right-handed). Did this imply;
1. I was given a left-handed coat to review?
2. All their coats are left-handed?
3. Is there a conspiracy to convert ‘righties’ to ‘lefties’?

Either way, you choose, once my mental equilibrium levelled off, I went out, braving the Peak District gales, all the way from the house, across the road to the car and off to work. No mean feat you think, but my battered old land rover has more holes in it than Blair’s policies, and as a windstopper it was excellent.

My work place is a mass of buildings with ‘surprise tornados’ at each corner, the jacket was great, especially considering my only other layer is a T-shirt. Around town and walks in the Peak District and Alps it has been good. Under a waterproof and with two t-shirts it was excellent for keeping me warm whilst skiing at -20 degrees Celsius. Showerproof although not waterproof.

To summarise; comfortable, too short (unless planning to wear a harness), functional, left-hand zip. Weight 560g. Retails at £63.99. Value for money? Pretty Good.


Reviewed by Matt Heason on behalf of planetFear