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Washbag: The North Face Canister

17th Oct 2009

Many tears ago The North Face began hit upon the genius idea of making some very eye-catching and durable kit bags and presumably gave them away left right and centre to expeditions heading to the greater ranges. They did this having cunningly predicted that every expedition would take cameras and video cameras with them and that pictures of trains of porters and yaks lugging chains of multi-coloured giant bags would make good eye-candy. How right they were. There is barely a mountaineering film around these days that doesn't feature a TNF kit bag being carried in to Base Camp. Somebody at TNF has hit upon another pretty good idea, that being to start churning out miniature versions of the said kit bags. The Canister is just such a bag. It has a capacity of about 2 litres and is the perfect size for a neat little wash bag. It's not hugely practical as a wash bag as it only has one internal pocket, but it looks the business, makes you think gnarly thoughts about expeditions to Trango Tower, and even has a hanging strap to keep it off the floor of your squalid guest house in Bangkok or wherever you end up with it. My one gripe is that it's a little pricey at £24, but would make a very neat Christmas present.


TNF Canister