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Stove: Vango Ultra-Light Stove

1st Jun 2010

I already have a few stoves, but couldn't resist this little baby. When it comes to simplicity it's hard to beat. £17.99 (or cheaper if you shop around online) gets you one of the smallest, lightest stoves on the market. It boils a litre of water in three minutes, weighs 72g, and packs away into its own little bag (rather too tightly, but that's about my only complaint). It has three small 'arms' that fold out to support a pot, a decent control 'knob' made of wire to save weight and remain cool to the touch when in use and which allows easy simmering. It runs off standard screw-top gas cannisters of any size. I guess it would be useful if it came with a small wind guard to keep things ticking over nicely in breezy conditions, and maybe even a small reflector, but a) it's easy enough to make these out of foil if you really want them, and b) it's usually possible to use a rucksack, stone, or something else large and immovable nearby.


More info at Vango.


vango stove ultralite


Dimensions: 55 x 75 x 32mm
Weight: 72g