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Rock Shoes: Red Chili Spirit Velcro Impact Zone

1st Mar 2006

£65.00 | Velcro | size reviewed 9.5 (foot size 10) | weight 593g | medium asymmetry

Let’s begin by getting something out of the way. What a daft name. The Boreal Ace or Five Ten Anasazi – they are names you can remember. A name is important and helps sell shoes. We think that Red Chili missed out here as it is a great shoe that may not get the credit it is due. It is one of the most comfortable shoes we have ever worn. The Impact Zone is a high density foam wedge between your heel and the sole of the shoe. Although it does make you a little taller and tip you forward ever so slightly it barely noticeable. What is noticeable is the ease with which you can jump off high boulders onto it! Font became an absolute breeze! Other shoes in the past have featured a similar padded heel, but have always had the thing on display for all to see. Red Chili have cunningly hidden it within the rubber sole so that shoe snobs can wear them without others knowing that they wear pads! The toe is a very non-aggressive toe-up style which was a little unusual in the performance shoe bracket. They feel fairly stiff when you don them at the start of a session which necessitates a thorough warm up before feeling confident on marginal holds. Red Chili rubber is fairly soft and very sticky. Twin pull loops offset on each side of the heel make for an easy pull-on. One of the most notable things about them is the triple Velcro straps. Each is a little thinner than average so you haven’t actually gained any extra Velcro contact area, but the third strap does allow for a snugger fit than most two strap models. And they look excellent – a classic red and black number. Excellent value at £65.

This review was carried out as part of a massive comparative review of 25 pairs of Performance Rock Shoes. We think that this could be the biggest review of such shoes ever undertaken. You can read the whole review here.