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Camera Bag: Lowe Pro D-Res 10AW

11th Nov 2005

A digital camera is hardly the most robust of inventions, and that flimsy pouch that came with it won't protect from dust, knocks and moisture. If you're taking photos outdoors, your hi-tech gadget needs some further protection...

Compared to my shiny new digital camera, my old camera bag looked very tatty and low on features. So my first reaction on pawing the LowePro D-Res 10AW was: great, a bag that complements my camera!

Not everyone goes for the tiniest ultra-compact digital, and this particular bag in the extensive D-Res range is for the fuller featured, slightly 'chunkier' small camera. The bag is robust and well padded, as you'd expect, and there is ample room in the useful interior pouches for spare memory cards and batteries (AA or Li-ion).

On the back, there is a velcro-fastened loop to attach the bag to your rucksack belt (or possibly your harness, though I'd use a krab for back-up), and there is a detachable and adjustable shoulder-strap.

The bag is certainly showerproof, but in heavier rain couldn't water seep through the zipped lid? Well no, because the D-Res 10AW has a cunning trick up its sleeve: tucked discreetly underneath is a pullover waterproof cover (see picture, left). This could help to keep out dust too.

LowePro say: “Take your camera everywhere – the D-Res 10AW makes it easy.” And I agree.

Pros: well constructed, well padded, water/dust proof (with cover on), useful interior storage pouches, detachable shoulder-strap

Cons: very few. A battery or memory card could fall out if you left the zip open while running around taking photos, and weatherproofing would be compromised if you forgot to put the cover on or got it ripped. Arguably, both these cons would be your own fault!

Interior size: 10 x 5 x 11.5cm / 4 x 2 x 4.5" (width, depth, height)

Lowepro Contact Details: / Helpline No:  0870 420 4211


Reviewed by Olly Howard on behalf of planetFear