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Cooking Pans: Vango Stainless Steel Kettle

24th Mar 2009

This is a stainless steel and black plastic handled kettle. Built in the classic kettle design with a whistling spout.

Elegant design with a positive handle, you just know its not going to drop off whilst you’re walking back to camping area, also the big handle meant cool to the touch (good for youngsters to handle). Fixed, pivoting whistle (it wont be lost during storage). Having a stainless body it’s easy to clean. Light construction means fairly efficient boiling. A subtle boiling whistle (a bonus if you didn’t want to disturb people nearby)

The opening spout required a second hand to open, a nuisance when pouring into mugs etc that may be precariously balanced on uneven ground/grass etc. A non-stackable ‘dead’ volume, but if you’re car-boot camping – not an issue. A minor point - could its thermal efficiency be improved with a copper plate bottom (?)


Reviewed by Andy Lever on behalf of planetFear