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Teeshirt: Sprayway Mori Tee

31st Jul 2009

Intrigued that one can make clothes out of Bamboo I did a little research on the subject and found some interesting facts. And lots of them! Bamboo is soft, antibacterial, incredibly quick-drying, anti-static, good for people prone to allergies, breathable, strong, durable, 100% naturally grown without assistance from man, the fastest growing plant in the world, cut and not uprooted when harvested. thrives in any natural environment without fertilizers or pesticides, has a yield ten times greater than cotton, has minimal water requirements and is 100% bioegradable! Blimey. It really does seem to be a miracle plant / material.


Sprayway Mori Tee


To the item on review: A Teeshirt is a teeshirt surely. Well the Mori Tee is lightweight (241g), and certainly backs up many of the above claims. It is soft and comfortable. So far it has shown no sign of wear. When it's got wet (rain, sweat etc) it's dried quickly. At £30 it's fairly steep for a teeshirt and you'd be forgiven for just heading down to the market for a cheapie, but comparing the two is unfair. This is the Rolls-Royce of teeshirts.


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