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Moon Cypher Pant

27th May 2011

Retailing at £55 (I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that this is what you need to pay for trousers these days) these are a favourite among climbers. Freedom of movement they do offer, style they do offer, but the reverse opening silly flaps over the two pockets are a real irritating feature for me. The pockets themselves are plenty deep and feature their own zips (so why the need for the elephant-ear flaps?). No belt loops, but an elastic pull-cord - helps with the freedom of movement to a degree. I'm liking the fact that they are made in Turkey and not China - much smaller distance travelled from factory to wardrobe, this smaller carbon footprint. I'm also pleased to be supporting a pillar of the climbing community.

Moon cypherpantcamo 1


Manufacturers blurb:

Our best-selling series and a perennial favourite in all versions: The design remains true to the highly acclaimed S7 pant some might remember. The fabric is a mid-weight poly/cotton blend for strength and longevity and gives a fast drying, wind resistant pant perfect for cool days on the rock.

All versions feature a low-bulk elasticized waist with a built-in tie; shock cord pulls at the ankles, and deep zippered pockets with snap-lock closures. Complete freedom of movement is assured by the diamond crotch plus the articulated knee by which four subtle pleats allow easy high-steps and squats. Tested and retested in our gritstone laboratory a few miles away, the Cypher is quite simply the one climbing pant you can't live without!

Made in Turkey.