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Multimat - Superlite Air L

18th Nov 2014

I'm so impressed with this little number that I've done a very basic video review. There really aren't too many features to mention in a review. It is incredibly light and low-volume when packed away. It has a single twist valve and takes around a minute to blow it up (note that it actually takes around 2 mins to deflate and pack away). It has no internal structure so a) doesn't inflate by itself as many mats do, and b) doesn't have any additional insulation properties, hence the light weight and the fact that it's rated as a 3-season mat. The material is very thin - so much so that you can see the moisture from your breath collecting on the inside! Clearly this isn't going to suffer too much abuse on rocky ground, but it served us well for a 2.5 week cycle touring trip in Denmark, many nights which were spent on wooden floors in their huts. The air is contained in a series of parallel, interconnected tubes that run the length of the mat. Despite the thin material being super slippery, the orientation of the tubes means that you don't slide off the thing. That said, it's not great if sleeping on a slope with your feet at the bottom, but then nothing really is! I am six foot five and slept absolutely fine on this mat (dimensions below). It of course comes with a lightweight stiff sac and a repair kit (pretty essential given the thin material). In summary, I can now pack our tent, 4 sleeping bags and 4 sleeping mats into a single 60l rucksack which makes backpacking a whole lot more pleasurable than when I was a kid! Retails at £60 which is very good value in my book. Double thumbs up. info.

Tech Spec:

Range: Superlite
Type: Inflatable
Code: CMI-ARSL070L
Size: 1830x490x70mm (inflated) (L)
Weight: 300g
Season Rating: 3
Tog Value: 1.6
Compactness: 240x60mm
Colour: Red, MoD
12 months guarantee
TPU membrane for air-tight seal
Ultra-light 20D rip-stop nylon
Mat supplied with stuff sack & repair kit