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Scarpa Vapour Velcro

30th Jul 2012

scarpa vapour v

Scarpa Vapour Velcro
RRP £79.99

Until a year or two ago I was an avid 5.10 fan. I liked their rubber and that was that. I tried other shoes, but didn’t really feel that anything compared on the rubber front. Well this is the second pair of Scarpa’s that I’ve had in the last year and I’m very impressed. The rubber has performed very well indeed. Not only has it been impressive in its performance, but its longevity is amazing. My previous pair – the Force – took me on a marathon challenge along Stanage Edge of over 1,500m of climbing in a day. The rubber seemed no worse off at the end than at the start, and the shoes were comfortable too. The Vapours seem to be made to the same standards, with little sign of wear and tear after about 6 months of use. OK, they don’t have edges on them like they used to, but then I find that the biggest degradation in edges on rock shoes comes in the first few sessions anyway. The Vapour’s fit well. The heel is snug and rarely slips when hooking. I like the moulded rubber at the back of the heel which allows for a bit of a cheating hook when on positive holds. The opposing Velcro straps mean it’s easy to synch the shoes up nice and tight when it really matters. There’s little or not smell from them despite plenty of wear. Really quite impressed. Also competitively priced in today’s market where it’s possible to spend over a hundred quid on a pair of rock shoes.


Scarpa Blurb:
The new “Slingshot-Power™ “ heel connects the critical area under the toes directly with the heel area, making the fit excellent and allowing efficient and precise heel hooking. The Vapour offers superb comfort and an incredible fit due to the Suede & Lorica upper, dual velcro strap closure and a comfortable mesh tongue.
Add in the new, and excellent, Vibram XSGrip 2 rubber and the new Scarpa Vapour V is a shoe that is a perfect choice for an all-round performance shoe. An excellent addition to the Scarpa range