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Rab 4-6 Person Bothy Bag

26th Jan 2016

At the moment I’m really not the target audience for a bothy bag. They are basically needed by those people who are going to be out in the elements for long enough to require a warm(ish) and dry(ish) place out of the wind and rain to have something to eat and drink, or to shelter from a passing storm. Having two young boys we’re not really up for that (yet), hopefully in the next few years. However, I have tested it out in the garden and even taken it wild camping, when the boys used it as a bivvy bag. I have to say that it didn’t work great as a bivvy bag as it’s the wrong shape and not very breathable, but that’s not it’s purpose. As a bothy it’s definitely big enough for six to comfortably pass some time in. For less people you can tuck more of the material under your bum to stop the flapping but at 600g it would be quite a weighty thing to take just for a couple, a smaller version is available for 2-4 people at around half the weight. However for a group of four or more wanting (or needing) the security of a portable bolt-hole, this bothy doesn’t take up too much space at the bottom of a rucksack. 


Last year our boys summited their first few mountains and as we get more adventurous in our exploits, i.e. venturing into the mountains even when the forecast is not great, this bothy will be going with us. Not just in case of emergencies but also to provide a bit of necessary comfort to ensure the most fun can be had.

Retails at £45. More details on the Rab Website.

Reviewed by Neil Ireson