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Ape Index - Wideboyz - A NIght Of Crack

1st Dec 2017

Ape Index and The Wideboyz present A Night of Crack

Ape Index throws its doors open once again to bring you The Wideboyz for a night of wide adventure and offwidth humour. Niall Grimes will squeeze juicy stories from Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall about their life and climbs including Life before The Wideboyz, Doing the World’s Hardest roof crack and What really goes on in Tom’s Cellar, Expect the evening to go as wrongly as possible and you won’t be disappointed. There has even been rumours of singing.

Doors open at 18.30. The Sunshine Pizza Oven will be fired up and ready to go and the bar will be open. Show starts at 20.00. Live DJs before and after. Until midnight.

“Never mind the length, feel the width!”


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