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ShAFF Presents: Best Of ShAFF - 2011

8th Dec 2011 @ 20:15

ShAFF Presents


Thu 8th Dec 2011 – Best Of ShAFF 2011
Start time 20:15, Screen 3

A look back at some of the best films from 2011. If you didn’t catch them here’s your chance to do so. If you did, well, come and watch them again!

Chiamera – 7mins
In mythological terms, Chimaera refers to a fusion of forms that is the personification of winter. To make this short film a unique camera system capable of shooting o ver 1000 frames per second was used. Chimaera slows our perception of reality and offers an unprecedented look at a skier's life.

Way Back Home – 8mins
Way Back Home is from master mountain biker Danny MacAskill as he cycles from Edinburgh to his home on the Isle of Skye. Jaw-dropping skills and amazing stunts in an exhibition of trials riding on a trip like no other you've ever been on. Grab the chance to see a You Tube phenomenon on the big screen.
Winner of the Steve Peat Award for Best Bike Film – ShAFF 2011.

Tuzgle – 21mins
In TUZGLE Nina Caprez, Michael Fuselier and friends explore the bouldering and climbing possibilities around the Tuzgle volcano in the wild deserts of Argentina. Their love of climbing shines through in a colourful and light-hearted film with witty cinematography & soundtrack.

Salt- 28mins
In Salt photographer Murray Fredericks sets out to find a landscape devoid of features - a space so overpowering that you lose your sense of self. Over many years he makes numerous, long journeys alone to the centre of Australia's Lake Eyre's deserted salt pans. This unique documentary combines video and time-lapse photography to chart the changes in the stunning 360 perfect horizon but also the effect of solitude and empty space on his mood.
The film won over 12 international awards including the Golden Frog for Best Cinematography at the CameraImage Film Festival, the International Documentary Association's Best Documentary Short and a Jury Prize at Silverdocs/AFI. Winner – Best Artistic Film – ShAFF 2011.

Mazungu – 20mins
MAZUNGU follows solo canoeist, ex Royal Marine, Phil Harwood's 5 month-long descent of the mighty Congo River in Central Africa - 2992 miles from source to sea. Years of civil war and corruption, not to mention crocs, hippos, cannibals and huge white-water mean all but the most adventurous have given the Congo a wide berth. Unsupported, Phil sets out alone on a unique adventure in his trusty canoe. He captures breath-taking footage of previously unseen landscapes while trying to avoid the hair-raising dangers posed by nature and man.

Dark Side Of The Lens – 6mins
Mickey Smith worked with Allan Wilson (director of photography) from the Astray Collective to present a side to surfing that few of us, as observers or surfers, will glimpse: the life of the photographer. What drives him to spend countless hours in cold and hostile waters in search of a single shot?
Winner – Best Short Film – ShAFF 2011 & many, many more.

The Swiss Machine – 24mins
Stunning aerial footage of Ueli Steck's record-breaking speed ascents in the Alps. THE SWISS MACHINE charts the amazing feats of perhaps the greatest speed alpinist the world has ever seen. Ueli literally races up 8,000 foot mountains doing in hours what other mountaineers take days to achieve. He even pushes renowned climber Alex Honnold to his limits on the big rock faces of Yosemite.
Best Film – ShAFF 2011. Best Mountaineering Film – Kendal 2010.

19th Jan 2012 – Best Of ShAFF Classics
Start time 20:15, Screen 3

Some of the classics from past festivals.

Balancing Point – 6mins (2007)
This short film involves the "reverse destruction" of balanced rock sculptures. Shown at ShAFF last year it is back by popular demand. If you haven't seen it before you're in for a treat. If you have, it's a joy to watch again and again!

Seasons – 25mins (2009)
Seasons follows seven of the world's best mountain bikers through the course of 4 seasons of the year. One of the best mountain bike films ever made. Features Sheffield legend Steve Peat.
Special Jury Award – Banff 2008.

Zoltan – 5mins (2008)
In the unforgiving and harsh world of high-stakes competitive extreme sports, there's always someone with a sense of humour.
Film Short Runner Up - Kendal 2007. Teva Mtn Games Filmmaker Shootout (1st place)

Baffin Babes – 30mins (2011)
BAFFIN BABES is the epic adventure of four young Scandinavian women pushing themselves to the limit ski-trekking 1200km in 80 days across the Canadian Arctic pulling 120kg sleds at 40C below. Share their infectious enthusiasm as they face the the dangers of polar bears and debilitating illness and experience the joy of sub-zero skinny-dipping and Arctic aerobics!
Winner – Spirit Of Adventure – ShAFF 2011.

Oil & Water Project – 34mins (2008)
An engaging tale of two kayakers who travel from Alaska to Argentina championing the use of alternative energy. As the story progresses they unexpectedly become international celebrities.
Winner Special Jury Award - Kendal 2007 Environment Runner Up - Kendal 2007 Adventure Runner Up - Kendal 2007


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