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Ape Index - Hard Grit

1st Apr 2017

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Many years ago, on a winter Sunday evening, as the January drizzle drizzled and the wind rattled the windows, the good folk of Sheffield would cram into a sweaty back room of a pub. Their skin was shredded from a snatched couple of hours on the grit, biceps tired from a cheap session at the Foundry, They nursed pints and ate crisps, and watched and listened and laughed as climbers of the day regailed them with their tales.

This was Ape Index, Niall Grimes' series of climbing events that ran over the winter seasons of 2000 to 2002. After that Matt Heason carried on the tradition with his Heason Events, doing more of the same, then carrying on with larger events such as Shaff. 

Now these two are coming together to get Ape Index out of retirement to bring live shows back to the people of Sheffield and beyond. These are no longer in 70-seater back room, but somewhet larger and grander. However the idea is the same - great get-togethers and and events to celebrate and entertain the community.

The first of these shows is now being organised, and will be a celebration of one of the greatest of all climbing films, Hard Grit. We are plotting a live event based around the climbs and the characters of this semainal movie. Come along, and let Ape Index take you back to a different time.

Doors Open - 18.30 - come down, have a beer, and catch up with your mates

Show Time  - 20.00-22.30

Live Music - 22.30-23.59!

Abbeydale Picture House, Sheffield , S7 1FS

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Abbeydale Picture House, Sheffield