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Cracking The Spine

18th Oct 2013

Despite the dubious title that has shades of traumatic injury in it I thought this project deserved a wider audience so have decided to write a short Blog piece on it.

Andy Mouncey approached me earlier this year with a view to speaking at the forthcoming Buxton Adventure Festival. The programme was full so it wasn’t possible, but he’s just crossed my radar again this week. He’s taking part in a fairly tough sounding race next year called Cracking The Spine. It’s a continuous unsupported race along the length of the Pennine Way. He’s using the race as an opportunity to raise some cash for Sport Relief, and also to encourage kids in schools along the route, to get out running more, two very good causes in my book. The route length is 270 miles and he is challenging schools to get their pupils to run a combined total of 270 miles between now and Sport Relief day on march 21st. I’ve passed details to my boys’ head-teacher and am hoping that she thinks it’s a good idea. If anybody else fancies signing their school up then I am sure Andy wouldn’t mind you contacting him on

If that weren’t enough he’s also trying to put together a film about the prjoect and is crowd-funding it through Kickstarter. Check it out. I am sure he would be glad of the support if you think it’s a god idea. I’ve supported already.

Here are some links:

Kickstarter link
Facebook link
Website link