Blog Archive - July 2009 - Heason Events

Blog Archive - July 2009

29th Jul 2009 Frisbee Golf

In the pub after the Raft Race somebody laid down a challenge: to come up with something equally good fun, as well as being totally pointless, but very competitive. Pete, man of many talents, rose...

24th Jul 2009 Raft Race

A quick one. Been busy of late recovering from Cliffhanger and tidying up loose ends. It was a roaring success with 20,000 people there over the weekend. It rained heavily, but after we closed the...

6th Jul 2009 Preparation

Cliffhanger is on this coming weekend. It's now in its third year and seems to be going strong. Sheffield City Council approached me having seen my website back in February 2005. I was abroad...

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