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Scottish Midges To Be 800 Times As Numerous in 2011

25th Mar 2011

Ok, so it's a fairly well known fact that statistics can be portrayed and manipulated to skew a message, but the title of this blog post, even if you reduce it by an order of magnitude is enough to make even the most hardy of outdoor folk quake at the prospect of a trip to Scotland this summer. Apparently, the unusual amount of snow that has lain on the heather over the winter has provided a super-breeding ground for the 'orrible midge and they have been having an absolute ball down there. Can't be good for the Scottish tourist trade. That made me think of an old video that Al Lee posted on Youtube a few years ago:


Some genius came up with the caption 'Visit Scotland' as it was around the same time as those lovely adverts showing beautiful people in beautiful places experiencing beautiful weather and beautifully behaved midges ;-)

Another statistic that I read recently that doesn't quite ring true is that the average British adult now spends 2.5 hours a day on Facebook and that they log on some 17 times in that time. I somehow don't think so. Statistics eh...


Here's one more. I just noticed that Al Lee's video channel on Youtube now has had over 1,000,000 hits. Not bad Al :-)