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Some Useful Websites

9th Jun 2009

Thought I'd post a few of my favourite 'useful' websites on the assumption that some people may not have discovered them:


First off, if you have a phone account that includes all calls to geographical numbers like I do then Say No To 0890 is an invaluable little resource of many of the alternative (i.e. original) numbers to their often-premium-rate equivalents.


Then there's money saving website Martin's Money Saving Tips, actually one of the more popular sites out there, and cashback site TopCashBack. In essence cashback websites can save you stacks of money if you pay for stuff online. All you have to do is check the listing on the site when you are about to pay for something; if the site is listed, as many are, then start your buying process again from the link within TopCashBack, and the cookies in your web-browser will remember that you started your search at TCB. TCB will then automatically alert the site you have bought stuff from that you did so as a result of their 'lead', and claim a finder's fee which they pass on to you. It's magic. I've made around £200 in the last year. Insurance companies are particularly good payers. It just shows what margins there are on many products! The key is to find your bargain first, then check the cashback sites of your choice (there are others besides TCB), and not limit yourself to just the sites who partner with the cash back sites.


I like the concept of these two sites which use user feedback to rate tradespeople so you can hopefully avoid the cowboys out there. Rated People and Problem Solved.


A pretty impressive Norwegian weather forecasting website called YR


By far and away the best flight website is Skyscanner.


Will post some favourite 'cool' sites another night.