Blog Archive - October 2013 - Heason Events

Blog Archive - October 2013

Cracking The Spine 18th Oct 2013 Cracking The Spine

Despite the dubious title that has shades of traumatic injury in it I thought this project deserved a wider audience so have decided to write a short Blog piece on it. Andy Mouncey approached me...

16th Oct 2013 The Cost Of Film Festival Submissions

I was lucky enough to have a budding filmmaker stay with me for a night recently by the name of Tom Allen. He'd completed an amazing bike journey to quite a few corners of the globe and fallen in...

BAF Banner 188 8th Oct 2013 Sponsors & Advertising

I read the other day that we are typically subjected to 50,000 marketing messages each day. It could have been 5,000 or 500,000, I can't quite remember. The figure is pretty meaningless, but the...

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