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Celebrity Fundraisers

11th Feb 2011

I received an interesting bit of mail (in the post strangely enough!) a few days ago from Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Last year he was named the UK's top celebrity fundraiser by JustGiving. That piqued my interest. Surely there are other celbrities who raise more than Ran. Last year he raised £2.5 million for Marie Curie Cancer Care. I already knew that so it was no great surprise, though it reminded me just how impressive an amount he had managed to raise through his Everest trip. What took me somewhat by surprise was that the second placed celebrity was entrepreneur Peter Jones who raised £100,000 cyling from John O'Groats to Land's End. Now don't get me wrong, for anybody to raise £100,000 is no mean feat, but Ran rasied 25 times as much! Has the world gone mad? Now my hope would be that some of our celebrities quietly give large sums of their money away to charities, but c'mon celebs. Seriously, some of you need to put a little more effort into encouraging others (including some of your celebrty friends!) to donate to good causes and at the same time do something inspiring. It has actually made me quite cross!


Sir Ranulph Fiennes will be interviewd live at the Buxton Opera House by mountaineer and photographer Ian Parnell on May 27th. Detials.