Blog Archive - January 2011 - Heason Events

Blog Archive - January 2011

31st Jan 2011 Frustrations of Training

I was training at the Works the other day and sat, somewhat humbled, when a young lad I'd never seen before nonchalantly climbed up and then back down a pretty hard looking tufa problem on the...

25th Jan 2011 Are We Climbers Selfish?

So over the past couple of months I've watched in excess of 200 adventure films in preparation for ShAFF. It's very interesting taking the different genres of adventure sport and looking at the...

13th Jan 2011 Tardy Mountaineers

I'm not going to name names and shame anybody, but am somewhat surprised by the tardy nature of British mountaineers. I administrate the Nick Estcourt Award - a grant awarded annually to a...

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