Blog Archive - July 2011 - Heason Events

Blog Archive - July 2011

25th Jul 2011 Reel Rock Tour 2011 / 2012

Last year the Reel Rock Tour trailer was a massive internet hit. To date it has had nearly a quarter of a million hits on Youtube! This year's trailer is due out on August 15th. The tour...

25th Jul 2011 Stanage Challenge

 Mid summer challenges are something I’ve always enjoyed. A few years back when I worked with planetFear we actually ran a competition to encourage people to take up the mantle and rise to the...

14th Jul 2011 Another Year, Another River Race

Another year, another river race. I try not to call it a raft race as that encourages people to think that the rive in question (the Derwent) is navigable by rafts made of oil drums and planks of...

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