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Frisbee Golf

29th Jul 2009

In the pub after the Raft Race somebody laid down a challenge: to come up with something equally good fun, as well as being totally pointless, but very competitive. Pete, man of many talents, rose to the challenge and devised a fantastic 15 'hole' Frisbee golf course along Froggatt Edge.


It works much like regular golf. Each hole (normally a rock, tree, or something a bit bigger than a proper golf-hole!) has a starting point, and a par. Players launch their Frisbees towards the hole, throwing again from the point it lands at. There are penalties attributable to anybody with expensive Frisbees! Chris and Amy brought their dog Poppy along who made life interesting by moving people's Frisbees - not always closer to the hole! Wind, rain, and 8 foot high water-laden bracken meant it took five of us over two hours to complete the course, but we didn't lose a Frisbee.


I'd heartily recommend that anybody gives it a go. Make your own course and share it. I am sure there are plenty more - a Google search yields 321,000 results! If it's too mainstream for you, ask me about Shoe Golf, a game we invented walking back from Castle Hill boulders in New Zealand a few years back...


2009 07 Peak Frisbee Golf

Photo courtesy of Steve & Louise.

Download the map and instructions.