Blog Archive - November 2012 - Heason Events

Blog Archive - November 2012

KMF 13th Nov 2012 What Is It About Kendal?

What is it about the Kendal Mountain Festival that makes it so good? I’m off up there again this Saturday. Going with Lissa who’s working more and more with me on my events, so that she can...

Odyssey Free 12th Nov 2012 Hotaches – A Step Into The Unknown

On Saturday night I was at The Climbing Works, (how lucky am I to live near the biggest and best bouldering wall on the planet!). However I wasn’t climbing. A few months ago Paul Diffley from...

Blog 1st Nov 2012 Itchy Feet and Early Memories

I was watching a film last night on some folk climbing Mount Kenya. Before embarking up the mountain they did a bit of a tour around the plains below to look at how important the water from the...

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