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BSES Bounty

22nd Nov 2010

Years ago (1992 actually) I went on an expedition to South Greenland with the British Schools Exploring Society (BSES). It was absolutely amazing. Can't recommend doing this sort of thing at the age of 17, 18 or 19 highly enough. I'm still in touch with the guys at BSES now and they just sent me the following email which I thought worth sharing:


Spread the word! For ONE MONTH ONLY BSES is offering YOU the chance to earn £300 for every Young Explorer you recruit for an expedition in 2011! It’s as simple as that. And even for YEs you recruit from January onwards, or for 2012 and beyond, the standard commission of £200 will still apply. What are you waiting for?!

You can set up a school talk, mention BSES at your local climbing wall, or simply get friends, family and randoms involved. All you need to do is get each applicant to put your name on the application form in the ‘how did you hear’ box, and apply to us asap. A YE will be deemed ‘recruited’ once they have paid their deposit. The deposit must reach us by December 23rd (before the RGS closes for Christmas). Commission is paid at the time the expedition takes place. We can supply lots of materials to help you out. Get involved!