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Queen Double

2nd Aug 2012

Blog Gary Connery Facebook Screengrab

Pretty chuffed with my talent spotting.

Gary Connery is our headline speaker for the Saturday night of the inaugural Buxton Adventure Festival in October. I noticed last week that he posted on Facebook to say that he had attended a dress rehearsal for the Olympics opening ceremony. I thought nothing more of it at the time, figuring that they had to have a dummy audience and that he had simply been invited along somehow.

On Friday night as James Bond escorted the Queen from Buckingham Palace into a waiting helicopter it suddently dawned on me what was about to happen. Of course, the Queen was going to jump out of a hekicopter and land in the stadium to officially open the games. Well, clearly the Queen wasn't going to be doing the actual jumping, but I know a man who would be! Sure enough Gary has been active on Facebook again this week posting a picture of himself sitting in the helicopter wearing a Royal Dress! 

Should give him even more to talk about at the event...