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More adventure with kids

25th Oct 2012

You might have read recently of Andy Kirkpatrick’s recent exploits with his oldest kid Ella. For years Ella had been accompanying Andy on his public lectures, often curled up at his feet behind the lectern. Often the audience had asked how old his kids would be before he would take them up El Cap (big, big rock face in Yosemite that he has climbed more times than most). He’d quipped that it would be when they were 13. Well guess what? Ella just turned 13 and he has just taken her up. It’s a long story and one well worth reading. He’s blogged about it here and had a cameraman along with him (the film is to be aired on the BBC). I read his account and was absolutely inspired by it. Not by the fact that Andy made it all happen – I’m pretty good at making things happen myself – but that it was driven by Ella, and that she had the desire, drive and passion to make her Dad make it happen. My oldest is now coming home with homework and I’m absolutely loving doing it with him, and sharing with him the start of the journey that he’s embarking on that he can make things happen, find things out, and get enjoyment and fulfilment from them. Sure he still needs our help as parents (and teachers!) more often than not, but that’s quickly changing as he starts to gain independence. I really hope that at the age of 13 my boys have a passion like Ella’s. Not necessarily for El Cap, but for something interesting and exciting. If they do I’ll be there to help them make things happen.