Blog Archive - January 2012 - Heason Events

Blog Archive - January 2012

26th Jan 2012 A Proper Decathlon

 Sometime towards the end of 2011 I was sat in a pub with some friends and the subject of a decathlon came up. Not the sports store, though I was doing some work for them at the time so it may...

17th Jan 2012 A Word On Premieres

 As director of ShAFF one of the things I like to promote is the number of trailers that we screen in any given year. Obviously a true premiere is something that has never been screened in public...

13th Jan 2012 Have We Gone Viral?

Late on Tuesday evening we posted the 2012 ShAFF trailer to Youtube. It’s a cracking film, edited by award winning filmmaker Al Lee of Posing Productions. Al was juggling editing and packing for...

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