Blog Archive - July 2012 - Heason Events

Blog Archive - July 2012

Bike Repair 26th Jul 2012 This Made My Day (And Elliot's)

  Last Sunday was our local triathlon, the Hathersage Hilly. My wife was competing and the bike leg of the race scoots past our front door so I was out with the boys at 9am to cheer her on. We...

Bob Graham Mike Nolan 17th Jul 2012 Long Distance Running

Last Friday I went up to the Lakes with a friend from the village as part of a large support crew for another friend, also from the village, and both called Mike, who was attempting the Bob Graham...

rain1 10th Jul 2012 The Deluge

It’s a funny old world. 6 months (probably more really) of planning literally went down the drain last Friday as the painful decision was made to cancel Cliffhanger due to a month’s rain...

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