Blog Archive - September 2009 - Heason Events

Blog Archive - September 2009

15th Sep 2009 Most common mistakes made by adventure film makers when submitting to festivals.

I watch a lot of films. It’s part of my job. I run the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival and also programme for the Kendal Mountain Festival Film Competition. In the last year I reckon I’ve...

11th Sep 2009 Texting Whilst Driving

I saw this today and figured it should be passed around. It's pretty graphic, but all the more sobring for it.  

4th Sep 2009 The Ultimate Tick-List

If you like ticking things, and you like traveling you'll love this site. Tick the countries you've been to and it fills in a map of the world and shows you where you've visited (and where you...

1st Sep 2009 Chez Arran

It's been over a month since I last blogged. The reason? We've been relaxing at a friends' place in the South of France. John and Anne Arran moved to the Ariege region of the Pyrenees about 8...

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