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Grants & Awards

10th Mar 2011

 Reasonably regularly I get emails from individuals heading off on expeditions and looking for money to help them on their way. I always send a polite response - I have been in this position myself before so it wouldn't do to be rude - but it does frustrate me when they clearly haven't done even the smallest bit of homework. I administer the Nick Estcourt Award. This is an annual award structured towards paying a single expedition some money towards their trip to the greater ranges. It isn't, for example, an award for an enterprising student planning a gap year expedition with the British Schools Expedition Society! A few years back I actually wrote an article for planetFear summarising as many grants and awards as I could find at the time. For anybody out there looking for grants it's worth a read. Some will no doubt be out of date now, but many will still be just as applicable now as they were when it was written. I may put together a piece on fund raising in general before long too.