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14th Mar 2011

I can never quite get my head around the Oscars. In the past few weeks I've managed to watch a fair few of the nominated films and I reckon they are a mixed bag. True Grit (just can't say or write that without thinking that it's a sequel to Hard Grit!) was a mediocre Western. Animal Kingdom was entertaining, but nothing to write home about. Winter's Bone was decent, but again, it didn't exactly light me up. 127 Hours was well made, but I've always had a funny feeling about Aaron Ralston and this was only strengthened by the film which portrayed him as a selfish wally. The King's Speech was entertaining enough, but really, what's all the fuss about? To me there was one clear winner (of those I've seen so far) and that's The Social Network. It's the only one that I watched and felt compelled to Blog about immediately afterwards, and I suspect that a Google trawl will reveal the sa, for plenty of others. I guess at the end of the day it's all about marketing and who has the best spin team. As for it being Colin Firth's year. What a load of nonsense. Oscars, like any awards, should be won on the merit of the performance, not because it's his or her 'time'. Pah.