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5th Jun 2009

ChezArranHow excited am I? Not only do I have exotic friends who go off and live abroad, but I'm going to stay with them for a whole month. I've known John and Anne Arran since the early days of planetFear, when I first moved to Sheffield, and the fledgling website was based in a bedroom of their house! Well, last year they sold the said house, made a wedge of money, bought to smaller ones, one in Sheffield - who likes to burn their bridges - and one in the French Pyrenees. Apparently it's a typical rambling collection of out-buildings and falling down barns, bursting with charm and undergrowth. It was at least, until they got their hands on it and began the transformation into ChezArran. I haven't been yet, but am pretty excited to be heading out there for a whole month soon to see them, and help with the renovation. Bits of it are ready already I believe, a 4 berth unit they've called, somewhat originally, 'The House' looks great in the pics on the website. And they've promised a pool of some description by the time we arrive :-)