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The End Draws Near

20th Dec 2011

So it's been a long haul this year, choosing the films that will screen at ShAFF 2012. I've watched in the region of 200 of them and had to whittle that down to something a little more manageable. The current short-list is 73 films long. That's a few more than the last few years, but is largely due to the fact that the average film length has dropped significantly, from around 35 minutes to 21 minutes. We still have a similar length programme to fill so we need a few more films. The good news is that it will make for a better festival than ever. A while back I blogged about how film festivals generally work better with shorter length films. I guess people haven't exactly been listening, but we are obviously on the same wavelength.I suspect it has a lot to do with the fact that more and more filmmakers are producing films either directly for the internet or at least with the internet in mind, by producing shorter edits which suit festivals. Hooray.