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Hope Valley Adventure Film Festival.

10th Apr 2018

HVAFF was established back in 2010 and it is easy to see how it has become a favourite fixture in the calendars of many families and outdoor enthusiasts.  In the words of the founders HVAFF set out ‘to inspire and entertain using the very best films and lectures from the world of outdoor adventure, and to combine this with activities and a family friendly vibe’.   Over the last 7 years the event has grown and now attracts hundreds of visitors over an action packed day and evening at Hope Valley College.  HVAFF is a true community event where all of the planning and staffing is volunteer driven and all the profits go to the continued development of facilities at the College.
Based on previous experience what can you expect if you visit HVAFF?  Tickets are inexpensive and can be bought in advance or on the door, with separate tickets for the day and evening sessions.  With the day ticket you can dip in and out of a great selection of top quality adventure films in 2 different halls.  There are films that suit all tastes from high-octane adrenaline packed climbing and base jumping films through to culture and environment based films with strong human stories.  There is usually a mix of short punchy films and longer more involved offerings, and it is up to you to study the schedule and move between the halls to pick the ones you are most interested in.   HVAFF certainly isn’t all about spending the day sitting down and one of the great draws of the event for many families is the chance to mix watching some inspirational films with having a go at mountain biking, slack lining or bouldering, all included on the same entrance ticket.  There are even spare mountain bikes to borrow, so forgetting yours is no excuse for not entering the timed course.  The bouldering competition is always popular, with age categories to cover young and old.   A chance to try slack lining, wriggle through an artificial cave system or have a go at orienteering completes the line-up and ensures you will be well exercised between films.   If your interest is in filming rather than participating then HVAFF offers the chance to enter a short adventure film in the mini film competition.
Over the years HVAFF has attracted many top quality lecturers from the world of climbing and mountaineering and this year is no exception with internationally renowned Pete Whittaker, one half of the fabled ‘wideboyz’, delivering the evening lecture.  For Pete this will be a true homecoming, he was a student at HVC 10 years ago.   Having seen Pete lecture before I’m sure you will not be disappointed, be prepared to witness his personal take on some hugely impressive performances delivered with humour and modesty.  
One of the great thing about this community based local event is the chance to meet up with old and new friends, there is great food available all day and a bar open in the evening.   Often the food hall has as much of a buzz as the activities hall as people catch up, discuss films and make their own plans for adventures. 
If you have not visited HVAFF before then check out the schedule on the website and commit to an action packed day – it is worth getting there early to catch all the events.   Whatever your experience or aspirations in the outdoors, and whether you are young or old, HVAFF will entertain and inspire and connect you with like minded people for one of the most popular events in the local calendar.
Neil McAdie, founder of HVAFF. Neil's kids have now left Hope Valley College so we asked him to give us his thoughts on the event.